/Master 3 major Career Competency Skills- Communication Skills, Public Speaking & Sales & Negotiation Skills.

Master 3 major Career Competency Skills- Communication Skills, Public Speaking & Sales & Negotiation Skills.

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Vishwajayant Adhiraj (Shyam)- A Visionary, A Polymath, A Meliorist


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"Unlock Your Professional Potential: Master Effective Communication, Powerful Public Speaking, and Persuasive Sales & Negotiation Skills for Career Success!"


Course Description: The Master Major Career Competency Skills course is designed to enhance your communication skills, public speaking abilities, and sales and negotiation techniques. This comprehensive course will equip you with the essential skills required to excel in today's competitive professional world. Effective communication plays a vital role in every aspect of our lives, particularly in the workplace. Whether it's conveying information, interacting with colleagues, or presenting your ideas, this course will help you develop strong communication skills. You will learn how to express your thoughts clearly through your communication style to specific situations and audiences. Public speaking is a fundamental skill required for success in various professional fields. Sales and negotiation skills are crucial for anyone involved in business or sales-related roles. In this course, you will acquire the art of persuasion, negotiation tactics, and strategies to close deals successfully. You will learn how to build rapport, handle objections, and create win-win solutions that benefit all parties involved. By mastering these skills, you will increase your sales effectiveness and enhance your overall professional performance. Throughout the course, you will engage in interactive exercises, practical assignments, and real-life case studies to reinforce your learning. You will receive constructive feedback and guidance from experienced instructors to help you refine your skills. Upon completion, you will possess a solid foundation in communication, public speaking, and sales and negotiation, giving you a competitive edge in your professional career. Whether you're a business professional, aspiring salesperson, or entrepreneur, this course will empower you to effectively communicate, persuade, and succeed in various professional scenarios. Invest in your professional growth today and unlock your potential to achieve excellence in the corporate world.

Key Highlights

Develop effective communication skills

Enhance public speaking abilities

Master sales techniques and strategies

Learn effective negotiation skills

Build confidence in professional interactions

Craft compelling presentations

Improve persuasion and influence skills

Develop techniques for effective listening

What you will learn

Improved Communication Skills

Learn effective communication techniques to express ideas clearly, listen actively, and build strong relationships.

Confident Public Speaking

Develop confidence and overcome stage fright by mastering public speaking techniques, including body language and storytelling.

Effective Sales Skills

Acquire the skills to identify customer needs, build rapport, present benefits, handle objections, and close deals successfully.

Negotiation Skills

Learn strategies and tactics to negotiate effectively, manage conflicts, and achieve win-win outcomes in various business scenarios.

About the creator

About the creator

Vishwajayant Adhiraj (Shyam)- A Visionary, A Polymath, A Meliorist

Vishwajayant Adhiraj works on seven verticals to shape the current generation and pave the roadmap for the upcoming generations ahead. A man with a great set of skills, a magnificent set of talents, self-educated personality. He is extremely passionate about working as a serial entrepreneur to transform the youth across the globe in Education, Employment, Entertainment, Fitness, Spirituality, Public Speaking, and the Teaching sector with a lifetime mission.

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